• Other questions

    1. Where to apply for transcript and the degree certificate?

    Please apply by the red vending machine on the 1st floor of the back building of the Comprehensive Medical Building (Xinyi Campus) directly.
    Students including alumni also can apply online.
    Chinese/English Transcript or Certificate Application System.
    For more instruction, you can check the video.
    operation instruction video here.

    2. Where to apply for work permit?

    If your part-time job is in the school, please fill the application form and ask for the signature of your advisor/menter and program office.

    3. Where can I pay for the tuition fee?

    (1)The counter of First Commercial Bank(Without transfer fee)


    (3)Bank transfer(Any bank counters are available)

    (4)Credit card

    (5)7-11 or Family

    4. How to apply for courses in different program?

    Please apply the special courses selection application at the acadmeic system.

    5. What should I do if I am COVID-19 postitive?

    Please add the line account of college of Public Health and send the detail information about your condition.


    The official line account of college of Public Health:


    6. Where can I apply for postponed tuition fee?

    Applying Path & Procedure:

    • Academic & Student Affairs Information System(https://newacademic.tmu.edu.tw/) → Academic → Enrollment Status→ Postpone Paying Tuition→ Applying Postpone Paying Tuition and Application Fees.

    • Procedure: Fill Application Terms and Amounts of Money→ Choose The reason for postponing and Deadline for postponing→ Submit

    • Students can confirm the status of the application on the system. After the procedure is completed, the application will be successful.