• About the Program

    MGHHS was established in 2011 and Ph.D.GHHS was established in 2017. Currently, there are students from all over the world, Malawi, Bangladesh, Eswatini, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, the U.S.A., Canada, Taiwan, etc. The program aims to cultivate well-rounded global health talents with professional knowledge, international perspectives, leadership skills, and societal responsibilities, At the same time providing international medical support, professional training for overseas domestic health practitioners, and cooperation for an improved international medical and health personnel.

  • Student's feedback & comments

    Current Students

    Ph.D. Graduated students(Class of 2022)
    Battsetseg Turbat from Mongolia

    Ph.D. Graduated students(Class of 2022)
    Bui Kim Chung from Vietnam

    It is interesting to learn from Taiwan's successes in public health investments within 20 years. How government restructures the public health and welfare system to utilize resources implementing MDGs and SDGs in health promotions. Taiwan is leading in conducting the International Health Regulations and in professional training in Global Health and Health Security. And Taipei Medical University, College of Public Health offers an innovative program for domestic and international Ph.D. students to study in Global Health and Health Security. It is a brilliant chance to research how countries are against global health challenges and to critically think about the local acts in saving lives.

    Levent Oeztuerk, Germany

    Levent Oeztuerk from Germany

    “The Global Health Program at TMU brings students from very different parts of the world together. I like that we can have some kind of cultural and personal exchange with each other. The topics of the classes are very helpful and important to find sustainable solutions for the health challenges we face globally. Taiwanese people seem very nice and friendly and although I never really liked that before, hiking became my new hobby here! “

    Fauzi Budi Satria, Indonesia

    Fauzi Budi Satria from Indonesia

    "I feel that I joined this program at the right time and place. That's because during the COVID-19 pandemic I was able to learn about true global health and health security issues almost in real-time. Moreover, as Taiwan is recognized by the world as one of the best examples in dealing with this pandemic, I have experienced first-hand how evidence-based policies are implemented throughout my academic life here. In addition, my life here has become more comfortable with the scholarship support from Taipei Medical University."

    Utoomporn Wongsin, Thailand

    Utoomporn Wongsin from Thailand

    "Hello, I am Aokie –Utoomporn Wongsin from Thailand.

    I am so proud to study at the top 1 private university in Taiwan, Taipei Medical University. A Ph.D. program in Global Health and Health Security is my ultimate goal. The benefits of studying at GHHS are not only acquiring academic experience but also creating research networks through a Ph.D. journey. "

    Philile Sharon Mgabhi, Kingdom of Eswatini

    Philile Sharon Mgabhi from Eswatini

    "My name is Philile Sharon Mgabhi, from Eswatini/Swaziland. Doing my first-year Ph.D. in Global Health and Health Security. My courses are giving me a framework of addressing challenges within the global health sector. What I like most is that we are a bunch of international students, coming in from different backgrounds and experiences makes us come together and be able to solve problems in a unique way. The program is doing very well by inviting some of the best global health scholars to address some special topics within the program. We have the best faculty members who are very approachable and willing to assist at all times. TMU is the best place to study as it is in the heart of the CBD making everything easily accessible, I like the night market as you get the opportunity to taste different food and the fact that there are several hiking trails around to help you keep fit and refresh after classes."

    Nosipho Treasure Mdluli, Kingdom of Eswatini

    Nosipho Treasure Mdluli from Eswatini

    "The best choice I ever made is to apply at TMU for my Masters in Global Health and Development. I’m in love with everything here, Taiwan at large, TMU and the program. The experience is really great, worth to be cherished forever. Taiwan is indeed a safe country to live in, Taiwanese people are friendly, always willing to help, a place where you can taste amazing foods and visit lively different temples, hiking and world-famous night markets. For My program, I really made a good choice especially to study it at TMU. From my Professors to the supporting staff, they’re really passionate about every student, they really instill whatever we learning in class with good, positive energy and attitudes. I gain a lot of knowledge insights into different aspects of Global Health and Development, furnished with the needed critical thinking skills and real-world examples of what determines health, application of health concepts and ethical considerations in addressing public health problems and I’m being empowered for a diverse career whether in Public Health, Research or Academia. Otherwise, pursuing my studies at TMU (Master in Global health and development) was the best choice I ever made…I’m enjoying every part of the journey….it’s worth it…"