Philile Sharon Mgabhi has been granted the ICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program Award


Our ICDF student, Philile Sharon Mgabhi, has been granted the International Higher Education Scholarship Program, receiving an award of NTD$15,000!

Philile 'I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to ICDF for your generous sponsorship of the Academic Achievement Award. Your sponsorship has been instrumental in my progress and has eased my financial burden greatly.

This award is my dream come true and a motivating spirit for all my future activities. I am very grateful to all my professors for all the efforts, motivation and trust they showed towards me. More especially my advisor, Professor Tim, without him, things wouldn't have turned out so well such that the jury after intense scrutiny would have picked me for this award.

The entire journey was a learning experience for me. I am more energised and charged to take up new and challenging research projects which would work for the benefit of my University and the Global Health and Health Security department.


Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your investment in my future.'