Important timeline about graduation defense

According to the school graduation defense time table, the duration of the graduation defense would be 2023.05.10-2023.07.21.(For the timetable, please find attached the pdf file)

Since most of you finished your defense already, please see the detailed timeline below.

The deadline is slightly changed because of possible difficulties transferring between campuses.

So, please see the detailed information about the graduation defense.

After Your Graduation Defense

Stage 1
After your graduation defense, please discuss with your advisor and correct your thesis according to the advice of the committee member.

Please find attached the format of the thesis.

Stage 2
After your advisor's approval of the content of your thesis, please hand in the documents below to me:
A. Thesis & TMU Thesis Certification

B. Original Confidentiality Agreement & Sign-in Form

C. Evaluation Sheet

D. Advisor Signed- Originality Report of Final Thesis Plagiarism Detection(including scan file)

* Only students who intend to apply for delay public access to the thesis need to submit “Application for Embargo of Thesis

Stage 3
After I check the documents are all correct, please upload the electronic files to the “TMU Electronic Dissertation Service System” which would be reviewed by the library.
For the procedure of using the system, please find the link of the slides of Graduation Defense(Degree Examination) Orientation and the link for the procedure below:
The link of the slides of Graduation Defense(Degree Examination) Orientation

The link of “TMU Electronic Dissertation Service System”

Stage 4 (Deadline: 2023.07.24 5:00 PM)
After the library finishes your review, they will send an email to you if you pass.

Please hand in the documents below to me after then:
A. Thesis in softcover with 2 copies (require bound with TMU Thesis Certification)

B. Original Confidentiality Agreement & Sign-in Form

C. Evaluation Sheet

D. Advisor Signed-Originality Report of Final Thesis Plagiarism Detection(Cover + Percentage Page)

[For students apply for thesis delay publication]

E. Bound “Application for Embargo of Thesis” original hardcopy and photocopy separately in 2 copies of softcover thesis 

F. Evidence (provide NCL)

Stage 5
After you hand in the document to the program office, the program office would hand in to the academic affairs. The program office would inform you whether your thesis is passed after the academic affairs review.
If the program office turns back to you because of any format issues, please be sure to submit the renewed documents before 07.28 12:00PM.

Please note that if you submit the document after 07.28 12:00PM, it would be possible for the academic affairs department to refuse to accept your documents, and you would be seen as having failed once.

Stage 6
Once you pass the final review of academic affairs, you can start the procedure of leaving TMU.
For the procedure of leaving TMU, please refer to the website below:

At the time you receive your diploma, you finally finish all the procedures!

The academic affairs website of graduation defense:

The program website of graduation defense: