【Important Notification】Graduation Procedure in Spring Semester, 2023

Graduation Procedure in Spring Semester, 2023

Period & Location



From June 5th to September 8th 2023

(excluding holidays and Wed. in summer vacation)


Xinyi campus, Registration Section, 4F,

Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building)



Meet Graduation


l After the final grades for all courses in this semester is completed, it will take 2 work day for the registration office to review them. If the student meets all of the graduation requirements, they will be eligible for graduation.

l Graduation Requirements:Pass

l Graduation Defense & Thesis: Pass

l Once you meet above requirements regardless of unfinished graduation procedure, status in system will present “Graduation” from August 1st, 2023. The authority for application of IRB or access to other systems may change, if any problem, please visit the website of the responsibility section or contact person in charge.


Confirm the School-leaving Checklist for Graduates

l Please visit “Academic & Student Affairs Information System” to check if you meet Graduate Qualification.

※click Academic→Graduation Procedure→School Leaving Checklist for Graduates

l Please refer to the attachment for detailed procedures required by each office. If it shows “X” or you have any problems, please ask the contact person of responsible office.


Bring the Student ID Card

l When the “Ready for Issue” column shows “ Available”, bring the student ID card to the Registration Section and obtain the diploma .

l If Student ID card is lost, please report in TMU ID Card Management System.


Obtain the Diploma

l Diploma

(1) From June 5th to September 8th 2023, AM10:00~12:00、PM2:00~5:00, excluding holidays.

(2) In case of collection by proxy, the proxy shall bring the Authorization Letter, his/her own National/ ARC ID card and student ID card of the authorizer to the Registration Section for collection.

l Digital Diploma

(1) After obtain the Diploma, you will receive the Digital Diploma via TMU email every other Monday at AM10:00.

(2) If not received, please contact the Registration Section before Sep. 15th, 2023(W5). After Sep. 15th, 2023, will have additional fees for applying.