Application for Course Withdrawal for Spring Semester 2023

 Application for Course Withdrawal for Spring Semester 2023
Click Link:Academic & Student Affairs Information System
Path: Academic Affairs Information System→ Course Selection → Course Selection → Apply for course withdrawing
Time & Period:Graduating course till 2023/4/21 Fri 17:00
Non-Graduating course till 2023/5/19 Fri 17:00
Method:Online 24 hours
1. Students who cannot focus on their schoolwork due to personal conditions, either physical or mental, or unforeseen family issues, may apply for course withdrawal.
2. Students must register courses that meet the minimum credit required for the semester after withdrawal. Graduate students must maintain at least one course after withdrawal.
3. Courses withdrawn are not to be added again for any reason during the same semester upon withdrawal.
4. Students should pay for course withdrawal apply through Academic & Student Affairs Information System.
The withdrawal takes effect upon approval by the course instructor, administrative advisor or academic advisor of the department / degree program, and the department chair/supervisor.
Withdrawal from Liberal Education courses takes effect upon approval by the course instructor and the administrative advisor of Liberal Education courses.

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